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Love Your Neighbor

City of Hope started with a simple question: What would it take to show the love of Christ to all of our refugee neighbors? Days later, a new question emerged: What if Tampa Bay already had everything that was needed? Today, City of Hope exists as a coalition of churches, NGO's, and nonprofits working together to meet the needs of refugees, one city at a time. Join us in showing and speaking the hope of Christ to our 


The parable that changed the world

Thousands of years ago, a man was told to love his neighbor as himself. Scripture records that he asked a question: "But sir, who is my neighbor?" Jesus responded by telling the story of the Good Samaritan. It's a story of love that pushed against every presupposition of who is worth caring for. In a time of heightened religious, cultural, racial, and political tension, Jesus flipped the script. It was a story that has lit up the world since the day it was first spoken, challenging believers to set aside biases and contempt, and seek the will of God. Today, in Tampa Bay, we return to that parable with new eyes.

In recent years, the violence and chaos in our world has been palpable. As men, women, and children arrive in our neighborhoods seeking refuge, we believe that the church has a call. City of Hope exists to help mobilize, equip, and organize believers to be a blessing to refugees in Tampa Bay. It's unconditional, uncompromising love. It's light in the dark.

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