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We believe that

"Love your neighbor" starts with 
See your neighbor,
Hear your neighbor,
Know your neighbor.

Serving with FOR Alliance

FOR Alliance provides seminars to prepare volunteers to serve with adequate understanding, resources, guardrails, and essential policies for the purpose of knowing how to best support and welcome our refugee neighbors. Background checks and screening are required. After completing front-end training, FOR offers ongoing seminars and gatherings, with the majority of content taught by leaders who have lived as immigrants or as first generation Americans, including in contexts of complex trauma and violence.

In partnership with global speakers, FOR also offers the opportunity to learn from men and women who came to the US as refugees and asylum seekers, with origins in locations like Somalia, Iran, and the Middle East. This provides a unique opportunity for our local community to stand in fellowship with leaders and servants from around the world. Age-appropriate content is also provided for kids and teens, available to families who get involved, or for youth groups who serve.

To get started, click on the descriptor below that matches you to access the correct application, or contact our team with any questions.

We pray because our vision exceeds our abilities. Prayer is the soul's deepest cry of rebellion against the way things are, seeing the lost world and crying out, ‘This does not glorify God and, by God’s grace, it must change!’

- David Garrison
Author, theologian
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