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We're meant to be in this together

Violence, suffering, and fear try to tell people they're alone. We stand against this message. To our refugee friends: We are not only for you, we are with you.

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Pioneers and Legacy Workers

Greatness was already here

Throughout the city of Tampa Bay, leaders have risen up to serve communities in need with integrity, respect, and intentionality for decades. In pursuing a coalition-effort to support the work of NGOs that serve refugees, in helping others expand their work to better include refugee communities, and in creating new programs and services to fill in missing gaps, FOR Alliance is seeking to build on the good that already exists in this city.  We are partnering with credible, reputable NGOs and providers in Tampa Bay to provide meaningful support. Current services that are available include, but are not limited to:

  • Apartment set-up

  • Access to school supplies

  • Grocery assistance 

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) classes

  • Women's literacy classes

  • Entrepreneurship programs

  • Leadership training and empowerment initiatives

  • Women's community 

  • Kids Clubs

  • Programs for teens

  • Hurricane support in multiple languages

  • Academic support

  • Sports and recreation, and more

Please note that opportunities will vary by location. Development is still underway in critical areas that are underserved. Check back soon for an updated list of services, or to tell us about an NGO that can be added to the network.

To find where you can serve, or to hear our highest-need areas for volunteers, fill out an application and let's talk!


Thank you to the following NGOs, community programs, and churches for coming together to serve refugees in
Tampa Bay


This is the Jesus way. We link arms together.

- Fouad Masri
Survivor of war, pastor, leader, 
advocate for peace

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