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Sponsoring Afghans

The need

"We feel vulnerable and unsafe all the time."

In December of 2023, we became aware of a group of 720 Hazara Afghans who were in hiding in Islamabad. Acts of violence against their people group had escalated within Afghanistan to a point that they had fled, seeking refuge in Pakistan. Unfortunately, violence against the Hazara was also on the rise within Pakistan, perpetrated by groups like IS-K (ISIS Khorasan), the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan), JuM (Jamait-ul- Mujahideen), and the Taliban. These realities have been documented by the US State Department, the Hazara Report, and the United Nations. 

In the midst of so much darkness, hope has begun to shine for this community*. All 720 have had the opportunity to file applications with the US government, seeking Humanitarian Parole. This avenue of resettlement is overseen by the US State Department, with extensive security measures in place.


Only one thing remains: sponsors in the US who are willing to help support individuals as they arrive.

We are inviting you today to be a part of a multi-church effort that extends far outside of the Bay. This is an opportunity to receive those who are in danger, helping them begin new lives outside of the valley of the shadow of death. 

*We would like to thank Ms. Shireen Sardar of Pen of Mercy for her tireless efforts. God bless you my friend.

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The opportunity

The US government is offering us a chance to reach into closed nations and offer protection to the vulnerable. We can work together to receive this community, welcoming them in the name of Christ. 

If you have a guest house, an AirBnB, or an extra room, you can qualify through the US government to offer initial housing to individuals in need*. If you would like to donate funding towards rent, you can also be a part. We are seeking believers from around the US to come together on behalf of this group in hiding.

To explore further, please contact us to receive resources and information.

This includes a recording of a seminar offered by an immigration attorney who specializes in Humanitarian Parole for Afghans, along with a Q&A segment specific to this group of 720.

Please contact us to find out how you or your church can be a part. 
Connect with us at

*Participating churches would be required to run background checks and reference checks on behalf of anyone who is offering space within their private residence. Details for sponsorship of individuals will not be provided to hosts who do not comply or fulfill safety requirements.

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In Her Own Words

Below is a personal statement from one of the Hazara women hiding in Islamabad. Each household has similar stories to hers. Will you and your church be the hands and feet of Jesus to someone like her?

“My name is _____. I and my family belong to the Hazara minority tribe of Afghanistan, which is facing extreme persecution and discrimination by the Taliban. Unfortunately, my parents fell victim to a brutally devastating terrorist attack on December 6, 2011, in Kabul. This heinous act claimed the lives of over 80 Hazara individuals.

I then I lived with my grandmother. Regrettably, she passed away five years ago due to a heart attack, leaving me in the care of my late uncle's wife. My aunt is a widow herself and she doesn't have any children of her own. She graciously took me in as her own and has been my guardian ever since.

In 2020, I successfully completed my high school education and commenced preparations for university entrance exams. However, sadly this educational pursuit was abruptly interrupted by the takeover of the Taliban. The regime does not allow women to be employed, or to get educated beyond 6 grade.

The Hazara in Afghanistan face severe danger and threats from both the Taliban and ISIS. We have faced extreme violence, discrimination and persecution based on our ethnicity and religious beliefs. The Taliban, known for its strict interpretation of Sunni Islam, has targeted us Hazaras due to our Shia identity. Over the years, the Taliban has been responsible for numerous attacks on Hazara communities, including bombings, abductions, and targeted killings. Similarly, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has also targeted the Hazara community in Afghanistan. The extremist group's sectarian ideology perceives the Hazaras as adversaries. ISIS has carried out deadly attack on Hazara gatherings, educational institutions, and religious sites, leading to a significant loss of life and widespread trauma within the community.

Currently in Pakistan, due to the fact that the Pakistani government is hunting us down to deport us, we are in hiding.

We are in constant dread of the local police arresting us. This reality has forced us to live in constant fear and terror, restricting our movements and limiting our access to the outside world. The ongoing threats of the local police has affected not only our physical well-being but also our mental
 and emotional resilience.

We feel vulnerable and unsafe all the time.

Being unmarried women without any male support or protection places us at risk and danger both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Going back to Afghanistan is not an option for us. How will we feed ourselves if we cannot work? My sister and I will be subjected to forced “marriages” with the members of the Taliban."

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